Youth Flag

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Our Youth Flag Programme is extremely successful and we currently have the following registered teams:

U11 Flag

Available for anyone aged 7 years – 11 years to join

U14 Flag

Available for anyone aged 10 years – 14 years to join

U17 Flag

Available for anyone aged 13 years – 17 years to join

New players are always welcome to join the Renegades Family at any time – please contact us by clicking the link below

Success stories

Luke Barry - selected for Team GB U17 Flag

Last year, after attending a national flag football try out event, our very own Luke Barry was selected to represent TeamGB U17 Flag. 

Luke has only been with Berkshire Renegades U14 Flag team for a couple of years and, in that time, we have seen him flourish into a truly talented Flag Football player – something the coaches at the try out event saw as well. 

In 2022, along with his teammates in the Berkshire Renegades U14 Flag team, he took part in the BAFA National Silver Plate Competition and they all played to their strengths and against some very tough teams.  Luke and his teammates  were runners up and were each awarded a runner’s up medal.  He is a good mentor to new (and existing) players and encourages the team to always do their best. 

Everyone at Berkshire Renegades are so proud of all his achievements since joining our Youth Flag programme, and wish him all the very best as he begins a new journey with Team GB’s U17 Flag (he’ll be back training with the Renegades when he can though)