Adult Teams Treasurer

  • To be responsible for the adult teams finances by ensuring adequate accounts and records exist
  • To plan the annual budget in agreement with the club committee and to monitor through the year including the required pitch time in liaison with the Head Coach
  • To prepare end-of-year accounts and present to the management committee and AGM
  • To ensure that all funds are used appropriately and banked promptly
  • To maintain up-to-date records of all transactions and records of income and expenditure including the introduction and maintaining of electronic banking for membership fees
  • To be responsible for maintaining records and meeting the requirements for HMRC
  • To ensure player subs are paid within the agreed timescale
  • To issue receipts for all subs received in a timely manner



Fundraising and Social Media Team

  • Fundraising Lead
    • Identify funding opportunities
    • Define and deliver funding projects
    • To procure sponsorship money from local businesses and organise events to raise funds
    • Work closely with both Treasurers to identify new revenue streams that will secure the long term future of the Renegades
  • Club Media Lead
    • Ensure every team within the club are promoted on all social media platforms regularly and equally
    • Ensure the club website is updated with the latest news, events, players of the month etc 
    • Raise the club profile, its image within the local community through regular and relevant communication, promoting the club in a positive way
    • Communicate information and produce informative newsletters, notice board and website updates, along with media releases
  • Club Social Secretary
    • Lead in the organisation and promotion of committee approved social events for the club in association with other committee members and volunteers
    • Arrange entertaining and fun events for everyone associated with the club
    • Plan and manage the annual general meeting MVP awards ceremony, ensuring trophies are received in time and all engraving is correct
    • Plan and manage the annual charity event – FlagFest – around World Mental Health Day
    • Arrange post season community rookie days
    • Arrange teambuilding sessions with players and coaches
    • Work closely with the Club Media Lead to ensure the events are promoted over all social media platforms and website


    Strength & Conditioning Coach

    • To lead warm-ups at practice and on game days
    • Orchestrate dedicated strength and conditioning sessions as part of pre-season training, and general practice throughout the competitive season
    • Create personal development and nutrition plan for players to follow



    Home Game Day Team

    A successful home game day doesn’t just happen by itself.  There is a lot more work that goes on behind the scenes to host a game – it’s not just about getting players kitted up and ready to play.

    Berkshire Renegades American Football Club strive to have reliable, trustworthy volunteers to have as part of their Home Game Day Team, each prepped and ready to go, before the players even run on the field for their warm ups!

    To be an integral part of the game and to ensure the spectators have a memorable game day experience, we rely on the following roles on game days.

    Remember, without the Home Game Day Team, there is no game!!

    • Game Day Team Lead
      • Create the game day information pack ensure it is distributed to the visiting team(s) and BAFRA officials no later than the Monday prior to the game.
      • Ensure the smooth running on game days for everyone taking part. 
      • Be at the home ground at least 2 hours before the game is due to start, to go through game day schedule with game day team
      • Work with the game day team to ensure pitch is clear of rubbish, yard markers are in place, kit is ready to be distributed to players
      • Be the main point of contact for BAFRA officials, medics and visiting team(s)
      • Ensure the officials, medics and visiting teams have been welcomed to the home ground and are familiar with location of facilities etc
      • Ensure chain crew understand the briefing by BAFRA officials
    • Chain Crew
      • Be at the home ground at least 2 hours before the game is due to start, to go through game day schedule with the Game Day Team Lead
      • Meet with the BAFRA officials before the game to run through chain crew requirements
      • Make sure chain crew requirements are understood
    • Football Crew
      • Retrieve balls that have been thrown/kicked out of play and return them to the BAFRA officials
    • Water Replenishing Crew
      • Ensure water is freely available for everyone involved in the game
    • Physio
      • Attend all games (home and away) and provide physio services to players
    • Scoreboard Crew
      • Ensure scores are correct and updated without delay during the game
      • Provide final scores, offensive and defensive MVP’s to the social media team to update social media platforms
    • Statistician
      • Attend every home and away game for both youth and adults to record the stats
      • Be attentive, numerate and familiar with American Football stats recording
      • Arrange post game meetings with the Head Coaches and Director of Football to review stats

          Volunteer Roles Interest

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