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Berkshire Renegades invites you to join us for 3 training sessions before asking you to make a commitment to the club for the season. COME ON DOWN TO A TRAINING SESSION AND EXPERIENCE THIS FANTASTIC SPORT FOR YOURSELF.
Find us at our training home, Woodford Park Leisure Centre, Haddon Drive, Woodley, Berkshire. 

registration costs



It is a mandatory requirement for all Berkshire Renegades players, coaches and staff to be registered with BAFA. This ensures that members of the Berkshire Renegades community are insured from injury should the unexpected occur. 

Follow this link for a full summary of all costs associated with BAFA registration. Any member who does not have registration will be unable to participate in Berkshire Renegades training or match day events.





Although Berkshire Renegades is staffed by volunteers, we have ongoing costs to support the club such as facilities costs, referee costs and medical staff on match days, club insurance and ongoing kit costs.

We also have aspirations to be able to contribute to coaching training for existing and new coaches who will work with our club, providing more signage and advertising of the club so people know who we are and many other things that will keep this club exciting and successful.

All funds are put back into the club for the benefit of our Berkshire Renegades Community.

All of this adds up and we can’t provide all of this without the support of our players to pay subs each season before the end of January for each playing season.

Of course, we know that times are tough and if anyone requires any assistance to pay subs via an agreed payment schedule, please do contact our Club Secretary as there is always a way to assist with keeping you playing. We just need a friendly, in confidence conversation to ensure you have the assistance provided in the right way for your situation.


2022 Subs


– Adult Contact: £235
– Adult Flag: £100
– U19 Contact: £200
– U16 Contact: £175
– U17 Flag: £100
– U14 Flag: £100
– U11 Flag: £75*  


Please note:

If you register to compete in both contact and flag teams during the 2022 season, the flag subs will be offered at a  half price discount. 

Let us know if you are joining us for your first training session or if you would like more information about Berkshire Renegades American Football Club. Just hit the button to send us an email.

Please let us know some details such as age or date of birth and if you have played American Football before.