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Berkshire Renegades invite you to come along and take part in our training sessions.  If you love the training and want to join, let us know!
All we ask in return is a commitment from you to attend training every week for 2 hours (up to 5 hours during the summer), and to be available for games/tournaments throughout the season. 
So what are you waiting for?  Come along to a Rookie day or regular training session and experience this fantastic sport for yourself – YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED! 


Berkshire Renegades is not for profit, amateur sports club run by volunteers, and so we rely on players subs to be paid before the end of March to be able to pay for the training and game day pitch hire, officials costs and medical staff on match days, teams insurance and ongoing kit costs.

All funds are put back into the club for the benefit of our Berkshire Renegades Community.

Of course, we know that times are tough and if anyone requires any assistance to pay subs via an agreed payment schedule, please do contact our Club Secretary, as there is always a way to assist with keeping you playing. We just need a friendly, in confidence conversation to ensure you have the assistance provided in the right way for your situation.

2024 Subs

 – Adult Contact: £235
– Adult Flag: £100
– U19 Contact: £200
– U16 Contact: £175
– U17 Flag: £100
– U14 Flag: £100
– U11 Flag: £100  

Where We Train

Game Day Venue

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Thanks for coming by! If you want to begin your Renegades journey, please complete the form below. We do not share or sell personal data and this information is to help support your first time visit ONLY.

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